Life In A Glass House

"Every dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and to change the world."

- Harriet Tubman

Guardians of the Galaxy for the second time this weekend? Sure why not :)

My dash did a thing

My dash did a thing

Oh Luke Pasqualino retweeted me because I’m dying to see Snowpiercer? I’ll take it! My day has been made :)

Oh Luke Pasqualino retweeted me because I’m dying to see Snowpiercer? I’ll take it! My day has been made :)

Top 5 celebrity crushes in no particular order:

1. Chris Evans
2. Chris Evans
3. Chris Evans
4. Chris Evans
5. Chris Evans butt

I was 17 years old when I had my daughter and the following year is when Glee aired it’s very first season. Because I could totally relate to Quinn’s situation (but really thought more of myself like Rachel) I fell in love with the show. I was a gleek and proud of it. 

I was very fortunate to meet Cory Monteith three separate times in 2011. The first time I ever met him his first words were “hi! I’m Cory, have you seen a snare drum anywhere?” “Hi! Um…can’t say that I have…” “Damn…I think I left it in San Francisco…” I’ll never forget how incredibly wonderful his bear sized hugs were or how incredible he smelled - I should have asked what cologne he used. He was the nicest man and it’s not every day a celebrity makes you feel like you’re more important than they are. 

While my daughter, who is 6 now and likes to listen to Glee songs still, heard Cory sing and she said “Mommy, you’re so lucky.” and I asked her why. She replied, “because you got to meet Finn. I won’t get to meet Finn now because he’s in heaven.” That really struck a chord in me because it’s true. So many of Cory’s fans who have loved him since day one will never have the chance to tell him how much he means to them and hear I had more than one. 

I wish Cory was still here. It saddens me when I think of what he could have accomplished even up until now. What roles could he have gotten? What projects would he be apart of? Would he have proposed to Lea by now? As we draw closer to the year mark of losing Cory it gets harder. There are thousands of us fans who are grieving still together and in a sense it’s comforting to know that we are not alone. Thank you Cory for all that you have done to bring so many friends into my life whether from Glee or Bonnie Dune. You were cherished in life, and you will always be cherished. We love you so much. 

Zachary Quinto, Martin Freeman, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and Anthony Mackie in “What’s Your Number?”

Who knew John Watson, Spock, Star Lord, Captain America and Falcon had something in common? I just love this movie! 

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Seriously though, Chris Evans is ruining all men for me. It’s like “oh hey you’re cute, but you don’t look, talk, or laugh like Chris Evans so I’m not sure I see a future” WHAT IS THIS MAN DOING TO ME.

Random late night thinking: if Chris Evans and Jennifer Lawrence ever starred in a movie together I feel like I’d have a heart attack just from their perfection.

My fellow Chris Evan fans, I promise these 25 seconds will make you smile. I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO. I just love his laugh :)